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We think globally

Through continuous growth of our company and our associates we are able to present to you the newest industry technologies, most effective and cost efficient services in area of:

Domestic and international forwarding

At your disposal we offer our dedicated specialists who provide the highest customer service, commited to your needs who deliver to the most complex of your demands.
Adequate selection of the right means of transportation results in final cost of your shipment.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

For your disposal we offer a wide choice of trucks for transport at whole of European Union, Turkey and whole of Scandinavia. Thanks to our sizeable means of transport we are able to satisfy shipment on close calls.

In our fleet you will find the following types of trucks:

Type of truck Size of truck [meters] Capacity [tons] Maximum load of pallets [pieces]
Rigid 6,2 – 9,6 up to 11 up to 24
Trailers (standard & mega) 13,6 up to 24 up to 34
Frigo trailers 13,6 up to 22,5 up to 33
Wagon and drag 15,4 up to 24 up to 38

Less than Truckload (LTL)

Zlecenia realizujemy na terenie całej Unii Europejskiej, Turcji oraz całej Skandynawii. Gwarantujemy szybkie tempo realizacji (możliwość dostawy w 24h oraz 48h). Dodatkową opcją są dostawy weekendowe. Dzięki dużej ilości zleceń, możemy realizować doładunki co wiąże się z obniżeniem kosztów transportu.

Unusual types of transport

Our company offers domestic and international oversized (nonregular) transport service also including in cases requiring special permits and clearances. In addition we arrange pilotage and police escort. We organize transport of dangerous goods subject to ADR, transport of waste with a BDO permit, transport under the supervision of the customs and fiscal SENT. We guarantee full suport, accuracy and reliability of every order.

Type of truck Size of truck [meters] Capacity [tons] Maximum load of pallets [pieces]
Busses 3,7 – 4,8 up to 1,5 up to 10
solówki 6,2 – 9,6 up to 11 up to 24

Realization of urgent cases and quick response

Thanks to sizeable of our own fleet and the network of our subcontractors we are able to respond in most demanding cases.

Logistic service of warehouse

We offer distribution warehouse in a city of Strykow that holds 1000 palets.

Personal consulting and assistance

Our experience gained over the years is at your disposition and our specialists stay accessible 7 days a week. We advise readily and answer to your needs.

We place importance on our associates development

This company puts emphasis on knowledge and experience to fullfil your greatest expectations, our associates possess necessary skills acquired in company sponsored courses and professional instruction.

If you are interested in joining our team send us your resume.

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Client services:

  • Full Truckload,
  • Less than truckload,
  • Special load transport,
  • Warehouse storage
  • Transport cost optimazation,
  • Individual consulting
  • Continous tracking of shipments
  • Freight storage,
  • Flexible cooperation,
  • Prompt response,
  • Fulfillment od urgent orders in unexpected cases
  • Realization of transport requiring BDO, ADR and SENT